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Your Legacy at Work

A Lawrence-Downer Legacy

Elizabeth Koller Plischounig
LaBuwi, M-D'34
with her father Otto

The Koller-Plischounig-O'Flyng Family Scholarship was established in 2015 by gifts from Elizabeth Koller Plischounig, Milwaukee-Downer Class of 1934, and Mary and Dennis O'Flyng, both Lawrence Class of 1962. The scholarship honors the education that Betty, Mary and Dennis, and their son, Kevin, Lawrence Class of 1991, received from both Milwaukee-Downer College and Lawrence University.

In the early part of the 20th century, Betty's father, Otto Koller, was a German immigrant baker who made deliveries to Milwaukee-Downer College. He was so impressed with the college that he vowed to send his only daughter to Milwaukee-Downer. Years passed, and the Koller family moved to Barton, Wisconsin, where Otto continued to be a baker and also an innkeeper, always remembering that promise.

Dennis O'Flyng '62,
Mary Plischounig O'Flyng '62,
Kevin O'Flyng '91
Because of Downer's early impact on her father, Betty enrolled in Milwaukee-Downer during the early days of the Great Depression. Shortly into her college career, her father could no longer afford to pay for her education. Betty, sharing her father's dream and determined to find a way to continue, combed the Downer neighborhood, knocking on every door, asking residents for work in exchange for board and room.


Maurine Campbell '43 - Generation of Scholars

Maurine Campbell '43 grew up in Aledo, Illinois, raised by a loving and caring foster family who encouraged her to develop her innate talents by continuing her education. This was unusual for a young woman during the late years of the Depression, but she was warmly welcomed at Lawrence College with generous scholarship support.

Maurine thrived at Lawrence, majoring in English, and joining Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and Phi Beta Kappa honor society. After graduation, she moved to Chicago where she was employed for 29 years as administrative assistant to a succession of deans at the University of Chicago Law School where she delighted in correcting their grammar! Maurine enjoyed traveling internationally and connecting with Lawrence classmates, fondly remembering her transformative years at her alma mater.

Throughout her adult life, Maurine always remained grateful to Lawrence for her education and the scholarship support she received. She was a faithful annual donor to The Lawrence Fund, and also included Lawrence in her estate plans. Maurine passed away in 2011, leaving a significant gift to establish The Maurine Campbell Endowed Scholarship at Lawrence University. This scholarship ranks among the college's most generous, supporting a freshman, sophomore, junior and senior student with substantial financial aid each year.

Maurine's generosity reflects her passion and appreciation for Lawrence's unique brand of liberal arts education and her strong interest in making it possible for all students to receive a Lawrence education.

Endowed Scholarships
$2,000,000: A named "generation of scholars" scholarhsip
($25,000 each for one freshman, one sophomore, one junior, and
one senior per year in perpetuity)

$500,000: A named full need scholarship
($25,000 for one student per year in perpetuity)

$100,000: A named partial need scholarship
($5,000 for one student per year in perpetuity)

Milwaukee-Downer Scholarships and Professorships

Some of the many recipients of Milwaukee-Downer scholarships gather for a photo with Carolyn King Stephens M-D'62 and Marlene Crupi-Widen M-D'55 in January 2014 at the annual scholarship luncheon.

Rosamund Victoria Bille Adler Scholarship
Dr. Charles E. Albright Scholarship
Helen Daniels Bader Scholarship
James G. and Ethel M. Barber Scholarship
Catharine Beecher Endowed Fund for Downer Women
Bessie A. Bell Scholarship
Berk Scholarship
Frederick C. Best Scholarship
Beta Study Club Scholarship
Lynde Bradley Scholarship
Lucia R. Briggs-Alumnae Scholarship
Edith Lange Brooks Scholarship
Anne Barman Caldwell Scholarship
Alice Miller Chester Scholarship
City of Milwaukee Student Funds Scholarship
Milwaukee-Downer Class of 1940 Fund
Milwaukee-Downer Class of 1942 Fund
College Endowment Association Scholarship
Janet Cope Crawford Scholarship
Jessie Mabbott Daniels Scholarship
F. T. Day Scholarship
Rufus Dodge Scholarship
Julia P. Ely and Hannah R. Vedder Memorial Scholarship
General Endowed Scholarship - M-D College
Dr. Alfred W. and Mrs. Ada F. Gray Scholarship
Berenice E. Hess Scholarship Endowment
Lucille Ray Hibbard Scholarship
Belle Austin Jacobs Scholarship
Helen McDermott Jurack and Ronald J. Mason Scholarship
Marjorie S. Logan Scholarship
Nellie Maxwell Scholarship
S. Annabelle & Paul McGuire Scholarship
Memorial Scholarship Fund - Milwaukee-Downer
Milwaukee-Downer Class of 1953 Scholarship
Milwaukee-Downer Class of 1955 Scholarship
Milwaukee-Downer Class of 1956 Scholarship
Milwaukee-Downer Class of 1957 Scholarship
Milwaukee-Downer Class of 1958 and 1959 50th Reunion Scholarship
Milwaukee-Downer Club Scholarship
Milwaukee-Downer/Lawrence College Consolidation 50th Anniversary Scholarship
Francis Evelyn Kelley Morgan Memorial Scholarship
O'Neill-Anderson Family Scholarship Endowment
Elizabeth A. Olson Scholarship
Gilbert Haven Peirce, Sr. and Emma Elizabeth Manor Peirce Milwaukee-Downer Scholarship
Aleida J. Pieters Scholarship
Matilda Siefert Puelicher Scholarship
Elizabeth Ann Richardson Scholarship
William M. Ross Memorial Scholarship
Elizabeth Rossberg Scholarship
Charles Frederic Sammond Scholarship
Mildred L. Schroeder Scholarship
Sivyer Educational Fund for Women
Marion Merrill Smith Scholarship
Dr. Elizabeth A. Steffen Scholarship
W. Mead and Elizabeth McKone Stillman Scholarship
Strzelczyk Family Scholarship
Clare Scherf Sweetman Scholarship
Raymond H. and Jane K. Taylor Scholarship
Jerline E. Walfoort Memorial Scholarship
Barbara E. Wehr Fund
Harmony Weissbach Scholarship
Martha and Frances Wheelock Scholarship
James G. and Ethel M. Barber Professorship of Theatre and Drama
T. A. Chapman Professorship in Music
Alice G. Chapman Professorship in Physics
Alice G. Chapman Librarianship
Milwaukee-Downer College and College Endowment Association Professorship

Grace Johnson 2016
Maurine Campbell Endowed Scholarship

"I just wanted to thank my donors for giving me the Maurine Campbell Endowed Scholarship; it means the world to me. Without the help of this scholarship I would not be able to attend Lawrence. So, I owe my stellar education opportunity to your extreme generosity!"

Alexcia Jellum 2016
Olin and Sylvia Jessup Scholarship Fund

"Being able to attend Lawrence has been a wonderful and enriching experience and I want to just say thank you for the Olin and Sylvia Jessup Scholarship I have received. I love the level of involvement that I'm able to attain while attending Lawrence. I've been able to travel with Habitat for Humanity and explore the lives of people very different from myself in classes like The Civic Life Project. The experiences that I have gained from the classroom, my dedicated professors, and my determined and open minded peers are priceless!"

Kaitlin Yorde 2017
Maurine Campbell Endowed Scholarship

"My name is Kaity Yorde and I would just like to say thank you for the Maurine Campbell Endowed Scholarship I received this year! Because of this scholarship, I was able to attend the amazing school that is Lawrence and pursue a degree with a double major in Linguistics and Chinese. Once again, I thank you for contributing to my schooling!"

Clara Imon Pedtke 2016
Shirlee Emmons Baldwin Scholarship

"Attending Lawrence has been an amazing experience! I cannot imagine a better place to help me grow as a musician, student, and person. I am so grateful for the support I have received through scholarships such as the Shirlee Emmons Baldwin Scholarship. Thank you so much!! Your generosity means a great deal to me and your support helps me follow my dreams."

Joe Johnson 2017
Amy Aplin Larsen Scholarship

"The Amy Aplin Larsen Scholarship has allowed me to pursue tons of opportunities at Lawrence as part of a liberal arts education. I have been able to take classes from close to a dozen different academic departments, perform in ensembles and theatre productions, and take part in shaping the Lawrence community. Regardless of what field I may go into, the connections I have made here at Lawrence with staff, faculty, and friends have been invaluable. Thank you!"

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