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About Legacy Circle (LC)

What is your Lawrence-Downer legacy?

Membership in Lawrence-Downer Legacy Circle is extended to anyone who has made a commitment to support Lawrence with a planned gift through their estate and informed the college of these plans. Planned gifts provide a way for alumni, parents, and friends to participate in the future of the college. Gifts may be channeled to specific areas within the college such as the Conservatory or athletics, or may be used for scholarship support, library acquisitions, instructional equipment, or left unrestricted to be used where needed most.

Legacy Circle Membership

The full membership of the Legacy Circle can be found here LegacyGivingMembers.pdf

In Memoriam

We have recently been notified of the passing of the following Legacy Circle members. We extend our sympathies to their families and friends. We sincerely thank them for leaving a legacy at Lawrence:

Elizabeth B. Adler M-D'40
Patricia Hammel Hammond '50
David S. Hathaway '57
Elizabeth Schlenk Cook M-D'53
Donald Strutz '49
William R. Thompson '50
Jewel Verhulst Dyer '46

February 2017 (updated quarterly)

Ways to get involved:

  • Join Legacy Circle
  • Share your Lawrence and Downer memories and reasons for making a legacy gift
  • Become a Legacy Circle Champion for your class by joining your Class Leadership Team!  For more information, please contact Amy Tesch, 920-832-6987 or amy.s.tesch@lawrence.edu

The future of Lawrence University is currently secured by the generosity of over 1,000 Legacy Circle members. Each one has created their own personal legacy that will help ensure that Lawrence remains a strong and vibrant liberal arts college for generations to come.


Shelby Harder, 2018

"Many students take for granted what a university has to offer. However, I am thankful every single day for the opportunity to attend this prestigious school. At Lawrence, you have the ability to engage in Socratic debates about the world we live in at dinner, play recreational or NCAA sports, and talk one on one with brilliant professors. At Lawrence, you don't just 'learn' a subject, you are immersed in it. You dive into the liberal arts and these professors show you the beauty in it all, and how everything is tied together. I am a Biochemistry major with a soft spot for rocket science, philosophy, and evolution. Lawrence is my dream school, and it would have never been possible without the Dr. Irving Auld and Dorothy Roher Auld Scholarship. I am forever grateful for their generosity."

Max Loebl, 2017
Grace Gates Scholarship and Schade Family Scholarship

"Lawrence has been a life changing opportunity. My experience here is made possible by the Grace Gates Scholarship and the Schade Family Scholarship. I will always be grateful for the generosity that made my life at Lawrence a reality. I am incredibly thankful for the amazing education and lifelong connections I have made here. Beyond a doubt, my time at Lawrence has been a multifarious experience; playing varsity soccer, working in the Volunteer and Community Service Center, and now serving as the President of the Lawrence University Community Council. The times spent at Lawrence will be carried with me and cherished for the rest of my life."

Magdalen D'Alessio, 2017
Lillian Seybold Wells Memorial Scholarship

"Hello, my name is Magdalen D'Alessio, I'm majoring in Psychology and minoring in Education Studies and History. I am extremely thankful to be a recipient of the Lillian Seybold Wells Memorial Scholarship as I have been able to further my education and pursue my extracurricular interests, including Dance Team, and participating in the many International programs offered on campus. I'm really glad to be able to attend Lawrence and hope to expand my knowledge of the world even further! In the near future, I plan to conduct an independent study regarding the relationship between the government and school systems and the importance of parental involvement!"

Joe Johnson, 2017
Amy Aplin Larsen Scholarship

"The Amy Aplin Larsen Scholarship has allowed me to pursue tons of opportunities at Lawrence as part of a liberal arts education. I have been able to take classes from close to a dozen different academic departments, perform in ensembles and theatre productions, and take part in shaping the Lawrence community. Regardless of what field I may go into, the connections I have made here at Lawrence with staff, faculty, and friends have been invaluable. Thank you!"

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