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Giving Back and Giving Forward! — Percentage of Estate

Giving Back and Giving Forward! — Percentage of Estate
Anne Sturgeon Frenchick '73 and Theodore M. Thompson, Friend of Lawrence

In the 1960s, I was studying Russian in high school and planned to continue in college. My favorite high school teacher had graduated from Lawrence and steered me toward considering his alma mater. I had also heard that Lawrence had a good Russian department and so, when I visited the Lawrence campus the spring of my junior year (1968), I dropped in on a class taught by George Smalley, the head of the Russian Department. There were about six students in the class, practicing George's famous "dialogues," conversations and vocabulary lists that were printed in blue from a ditto machine (spirit duplicator). The classroom in Main Hall where Russian students practiced "dialogues" was lined from floor to ceiling with open shelves filled with these ditto sheets.

George was approachable, funny, intellectual and down-to-earth at the same time. His students clearly loved being there. That meeting was enough to seal the deal. I entered Lawrence in the fall of 1969.

At that time, Lawrence had several off-campus programs. As a Russian major, I planned to go on the bi-annual Slavic trip the summer after my sophomore year. But first, I decided to go to the LU German campus in Eningen, leaving in June after my freshman year!! Living in southern Germany provided a perfect springboard to see the rest of Europe on long weekends and between semesters. My love for travel and other cultures was firmly established.

The Slavic Trip, a 13-week camping trip through Eastern Europe and Russia, was a "must do" for Russian majors, and many other Lawrentians took the course prerequisites so they could go as well. We spent the year prior to the trip studying Russian language, music, history, and literature so that we could appreciate all the trip had to offer. The trip was incredible. We traveled in Volkswagen mini buses: about 35 students, a couple professors, and a couple Russian Intourist guides. We camped, shopped for food and cooked our food in the campgrounds, attended opera and ballet, toured museums and saw some of the best art in the world, visited the death camp at Auschwitz, dealt with agonizingly-long border crossings (during the tension of the Cold War), and absorbed Slavic culture, language, and history.

I believe that what I got from Lawrence - the travel, course content, relationships with the professors and students, the ideas I was exposed to, and the experiences I had - have made me a better person who is more able to understand and contribute to our world.

When I think about making charitable contributions, I think about "giving back" and "giving forward." Giving to Lawrence is a way to acknowledge that it has made a difference in my life. But even more importantly, giving to Lawrence means that future generations will be able to benefit from the experiences and education that Lawrence has to offer. By giving to Lawrence, I can "give back" and "give forward" at the same time.

I have supported Lawrence with annual contributions every year since I graduated. When my husband and I drew up our wills, we decided to give to Lawrence a percentage of our estates.

Occasionally a Lawrence student calls, updating us with news of the annual campaign. Every time I talk to one of these bright, engaged, young students, I am convinced that giving to Lawrence is the best way I can leave a legacy. My hope is that Lawrence can continue its mission well into the future to enrich the minds and lives of many young people.

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Shelby Harder, 2018
Dr. Irving Auld and Dorothy
Roher Auld Scholarship

"Many students take for granted what a university has to offer. However, I am thankful every single day for the opportunity to attend this prestigious school. At Lawrence, you have the ability to engage in Socratic debates about the world we live in at dinner, play recreational or NCAA sports, and talk one on one with brilliant professors. At Lawrence, you don't just 'learn' a subject, you are immersed in it. You dive into the liberal arts and these professors show you the beauty in it all, and how everything is tied together. I am a Biochemistry major with a soft spot for rocket science, philosophy, and evolution. Lawrence is my dream school, and it would have never been possible without the Dr. Irving Auld and Dorothy Roher Auld Scholarship. I am forever grateful for their generosity."

Max Loebl, 2017
Grace Gates Scholarship and Schade Family Scholarship

"Lawrence has been a life changing opportunity. My experience here is made possible by the Grace Gates Scholarship and the Schade Family Scholarship. I will always be grateful for the generosity that made my life at Lawrence a reality. I am incredibly thankful for the amazing education and lifelong connections I have made here. Beyond a doubt, my time at Lawrence has been a multifarious experience; playing varsity soccer, working in the Volunteer and Community Service Center, and now serving as the President of the Lawrence University Community Council. The times spent at Lawrence will be carried with me and cherished for the rest of my life."

Magdalen D'Alessio, 2017
Lillian Seybold Wells Memorial Scholarship

"Hello, my name is Magdalen D'Alessio, I'm majoring in Psychology and minoring in Education Studies and History. I am extremely thankful to be a recipient of the Lillian Seybold Wells Memorial Scholarship as I have been able to further my education and pursue my extracurricular interests, including Dance Team, and participating in the many International programs offered on campus. I'm really glad to be able to attend Lawrence and hope to expand my knowledge of the world even further! In the near future, I plan to conduct an independent study regarding the relationship between the government and school systems and the importance of parental involvement!"

Joe Johnson, 2017
Amy Aplin Larsen Scholarship

"The Amy Aplin Larsen Scholarship has allowed me to pursue tons of opportunities at Lawrence as part of a liberal arts education. I have been able to take classes from close to a dozen different academic departments, perform in ensembles and theatre productions, and take part in shaping the Lawrence community. Regardless of what field I may go into, the connections I have made here at Lawrence with staff, faculty, and friends have been invaluable. Thank you!"

Milwaukee-Downer Scholarships and Professorships

Some of the many recipients of Milwaukee-Downer scholarships gather for a photo with Carolyn King Stephens M-D'62 and Marlene Crupi-Widen M-D'55 in January 2014 at the annual scholarship luncheon.

Rosamund Victoria Bille Adler Scholarship
Dr. Charles E. Albright Scholarship
Helen Daniels Bader Scholarship
James G. and Ethel M. Barber Scholarship
Catharine Beecher Endowed Fund for Downer Women
Bessie A. Bell Scholarship
Berk Scholarship
Frederick C. Best Scholarship
Beta Study Club Scholarship
Lynde Bradley Scholarship
Lucia R. Briggs-Alumnae Scholarship
Edith Lange Brooks Scholarship
Anne Barman Caldwell Scholarship
Alice Miller Chester Scholarship
City of Milwaukee Student Funds Scholarship
Milwaukee-Downer Class of 1940 Fund
Milwaukee-Downer Class of 1942 Fund
College Endowment Association Scholarship
Janet Cope Crawford Scholarship
Jessie Mabbott Daniels Scholarship
F. T. Day Scholarship
Rufus Dodge Scholarship
Julia P. Ely and Hannah R. Vedder Memorial Scholarship
General Endowed Scholarship - M-D College
Dr. Alfred W. and Mrs. Ada F. Gray Scholarship
Berenice E. Hess Scholarship Endowment
Lucille Ray Hibbard Scholarship
Belle Austin Jacobs Scholarship
Helen McDermott Jurack and Ronald J. Mason Scholarship
Marjorie S. Logan Scholarship
Nellie Maxwell Scholarship
S. Annabelle & Paul McGuire Scholarship
Memorial Scholarship Fund - Milwaukee-Downer
Milwaukee-Downer Class of 1953 Scholarship
Milwaukee-Downer Class of 1955 Scholarship
Milwaukee-Downer Class of 1956 Scholarship
Milwaukee-Downer Class of 1957 Scholarship
Milwaukee-Downer Class of 1958 and 1959 50th Reunion Scholarship
Milwaukee-Downer Club Scholarship
Milwaukee-Downer/Lawrence College Consolidation 50th Anniversary Scholarship
Francis Evelyn Kelley Morgan Memorial Scholarship
O'Neill-Anderson Family Scholarship Endowment
Elizabeth A. Olson Scholarship
Gilbert Haven Peirce, Sr. and Emma Elizabeth Manor Peirce Milwaukee-Downer Scholarship
Aleida J. Pieters Scholarship
Matilda Siefert Puelicher Scholarship
Elizabeth Ann Richardson Scholarship
William M. Ross Memorial Scholarship
Elizabeth Rossberg Scholarship
Charles Frederic Sammond Scholarship
Mildred L. Schroeder Scholarship
Sivyer Educational Fund for Women
Marion Merrill Smith Scholarship
Dr. Elizabeth A. Steffen Scholarship
W. Mead and Elizabeth McKone Stillman Scholarship
Strzelczyk Family Scholarship
Clare Scherf Sweetman Scholarship
Raymond H. and Jane K. Taylor Scholarship
Jerline E. Walfoort Memorial Scholarship
Barbara E. Wehr Fund
Harmony Weissbach Scholarship
Martha and Frances Wheelock Scholarship
James G. and Ethel M. Barber Professorship of Theatre and Drama
T. A. Chapman Professorship in Music
Alice G. Chapman Professorship in Physics
Alice G. Chapman Librarianship
Milwaukee-Downer College and College Endowment Association Professorship

Kaitlin Yorde, 2017
Maurine Campbell Endowed Scholarship

"I am so thankful to be a recipient of the Maurine Campbell Scholarship. I am the first person in my family to attend a four-year college, and this would not be possible without the scholarships I receive. At Lawrence there are so many wonderful opportunities and learning experiences available. This summer I was able to participate in research in my field and have also been able to get involved with the Appleton community through ESL tutoring at the Fox Valley Literacy Council. I am sure that the Lawrence education I have received will continue to benefit me for the rest of my life!"

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